Same-sex couples in New York were allowed to start applying for marriage licenses on Wednesday, July 6.

But those who applied for a license on the first day in New York City had to decide who was going to be the bride and who was going to be the groom. Mayor Michael Bloomberg had the forms corrected overnight, according to ABC News.

The forms now read: “Bride/Groom/Spouse A” and “Bride/Groom/Spouse B.”

On July 24, Bloomberg will preside over the wedding of two of his aides — John Feinblatt, his chief policy adviser, and Jonathan Mintz, the commissioner for consumer affairs. Feinblatt and Mintz have been together 14 years and have two young daughters. The wedding will be at Gracie Mansion, the official mayor’s residence, according to the New York Times.

Elsewhere in the city, the Bishop Nicholas DiMarzioof of Brooklyn banned lawmakers who voted for marriage equality from Catholic churches and schools. He called the law that allows more people to get married, “another nail in the coffin of marriage.”

The bishop said no gifts from those lawmakers would be accepted and reportedly returned a $50 check sent by one legislator in honor of a student.

New York City tourism officials, on the other hand, are rolling out a new I Love NY campaign dubbed NYC I DO with hotel and wedding packages. They expect to add $142 million to the city economy and another $40 million to the rest of the state.

Tax officials say that couples with a joint income of $65,000 or less will pay less in state income tax. Couples with higher incomes may pay more.

Those who marry and work in New York will be able to get health insurance through their employers, if their employers don’t already provide coverage.

According to the Empire State Pride Agenda, New York has 1,324 state-offered rights and responsibilities that go with marriage — including the right to divorce and receive alimony.

The first day for marriage equality in New York is a Sunday and many state judges will be on hand to perform ceremonies and waive the state’s 24-hour waiting period between when a license is issued and when a wedding can be performed.

If any of our readers are planning to go to New York to get married this summer, let us know. We’d love to hear about your plans.