kim-davis-barsCounty Clerk Kim Davis refused to tell U.S. District Judge David Bunning that she would allow her deputy clerks to issue marriage licenses, so she is going to jail.

The plaintiffs in the case, gay and straight couples who were refused marriage licenses by Davis, suggested to Bunning that they would be happy with the result if she simply didn’t interfere with the deputy clerks issuing marriage licenses. Some might call that very Christian of them.

Rather than return to court, she sent a message to the judge through her attorney, refusing to authorize any of her deputies to issue marriage licenses in her absence.

Instead, she continued to sin by contradicting the oath of office she took on a Bible, and told the judge she would prevent her deputies from issuing the licenses.

So she’s off to jail, according to CBS affiliate WKYT.

Davis’ attorney’s questioned whether licenses issued in her absence would be legal without her signature. Bunning said couples applying for a license through her office would have to take the risk.

Court stands adjourned, so Davis will spend at least one night in jail. The longest anyone was ever held for contempt was 14 years. Davis could remain in jail for the next 3 1/2 years when her term as county clerk is up, if she doesn’t agree to do her job.