Del Shores

Even though he promised to call me as soon as he got confirmation — I’m talking to you, Delferd! — I had to read in The Hollywood Reporter that Del Shores, the Texas-bred chronicler of small-town people with lots of secrets, has officially inked a deal to produce the movie version of his play Trials and Tribulations of a Trailer Trash Housewife. Del talked to me about getting the greenlight in a recent interview, and Uptown Players’ production of the show a few years back delivered a great performance by Cindee Mayfield.

Trailer Trash is one of Shores’ least gay plays, with only reference to a gay son, but it resonates with anyone who has seen a woman beset by a brutish husband.

The film, which Shores will write, direct and produce, is budgeted at $1 million and will star its original stage cast, which includes Beth Grant and Dale Dickey (so deliciously evil in Winter’s Bone). The shoot will take less than a month, and take place in Atlanta. Del says he plays to take it to the festival circuit before seeking a distributor.