Del-Shores-Confessions-CVRNobody has made more hay out of the word “sordid” — and its application in Texas — than Del Shores. The Winters, Texas, native has a play, film and TV series called Sordid Lives; released a DVD of his standup earlier this year called My Sordid Life; and now, follows it up with his latest act, Sordid Confessions — filmed, it bears noting, at The Rose Room right here in Dallas in front of a receptive local crowd.

It’s difficult separating Shores-the-writer from Shores-the-performer and Shores-the-man … probably because he so willingly conflates them all. The pain and anger and dark humor all come from the same place, and Shores has never been afraid to put it all out there on the line.

And, like many of the best humorists, Shores has no filter — he makes John Waters look prudish when he talks of the strangest penis he’s ever encountered (and demonstrates the yoga-like fellatio he was forced to perform on it), the hateful letters he has received and replied to, covering everything from fans of Randy Harrison (whom Shores trashes routinely in his act), midgets he has insulted and even right wing pundit Victoria Jackson. And if there’s one thing clear from these letters it’s this: You don’t want to be on Shores’ bad side.

I have a feeling, though, he’d agree with that. He doesn’t shy from controversy, as his foul-mouthed (but frequently hilarious) rants prove. Those easily offended (including devout Christians and Republicans, for whom he saves his choicest barbs) best steer clear.

The DVD itself has no special features, though Dallas audiences many enjoy not just of seeing cutaways of the audience in the Rose Room, but also a bit in the parking lot behind the club where Shores and his entourage are accosted by Christian protesters. But 90 minutes of uber-gay preaching should be enough.

Can I get an amen, brother?

— A.W.J.

Del Shores: Sordid Confessions, available now on DVD from QC Cinema.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition October 5, 2012.