Rep. Eric Massa
Rep. Eric Massa

First term Democratic representative Eric Massa announced his resignation from Congress last week citing a recurrence of cancer.

Yesterday he accused White House chief-of-staff Ram Emanuel of forcing him out of office as retribution for voting against health care reform, according to the New York Times.

He said he was forced from office because of sexual harassment of a male aide. Massa is opposite-sex married. The incident is being investigated by the House ethics committee.

A White House spokesman dismissed the claim.

While this sounds like the case of Calif. State senator Roy Ashburn last week, an outed gay man who has stood firmly against LGBT rights, here’s what I found Massa has said about equal rights:

I know from personal experience in the military that the current policy, Don’t ask, don’t tell, doesn’t work. I fully support civil unions and equal legal rights for all Americans. Although civil unions do not provide all of the answers for the issues facing same sex couples, I believe they are a good start, and I support them.

I do not support an amendment to the U.S. Constitution banning gay marriage; that is a wedge issue and a political ploy designed to distract voters from the massive failures of the Bush administration and Congress; it would also be the first amendment in our country’s history to explicitly restrict rights.

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