Editorial in the Denver Post:

In President Obama’s first year in office, gays and lesbiansand anyone else who cares about equality — were told to be patient.

We’ll repeal the injustice of “don’t ask, don’t tell” later, the theory went, because the administration had a lot on its plate and didn’t want to repeat President Clinton’s mistake of taking up this controversial matter so soon after inauguration day.

Then, Obama kicked the can way down the road to this year, even after two top military officials endorsed a repeal.

But this week, the Senate failed to pass the long-promised repeal of the military’s discrimination against gays and lesbians. It was the last chance Democrats had to act before they return to the campaign trail. And after the election, they likely won’t have the same sizeable majority they now enjoy.

This is the same Senate that had no trouble passing a health care bill larded with special-interest deals or taking over General Motors. But somehow it couldn’t find the fortitude to right an injustice when it comes to gays serving in the military. What a colossal failure of leadership.