Model-cum-actor Matthew Ludwinski presses his hunky flesh in gay film ‘Seek’


TO THE MATT | Ludwinski isn’t opposed to nudity in film. We’re cool with that.


First-time director Eric Henry’s debut feature, Seek, centers on a group of 20something urbanites longing for approval — whether by the guy they find attractive, the gay in-crowd or by the industry they work in. All strive for more, failing to recognize the fruit that lies within their reach.

In it, Matthew Ludwinski plays Jordan, the dreamboat underwear model that main character Evan thinks he desires.

We caught up with the sexy model-turned-actor in Hollywood to talk about his role, the transition from modeling to acting, and why he can’t seem to keep his pants on.

— Mark Dawson

Dallas Voice: What are you eating?  Ludwinski: An egg on a sesame bagel, a banana and a coffee with vanilla flavored International Delight.

How has your diet changed from the days when you were a model?  Well, I’m currently trying to get a little bigger so I drink a lot of protein shakes and I allow myself to eat starch.

Many of your roles require you to keep in shape.  I read you’re playing “Naked Man” in a short film, Little Consequences. … For that film, I’m actually wearing a yellow jock strap.

What is it with you and nudity in film? Not just film! I’ve done it onstage. I performed off-Broadway in Naked Boys Singing. I don’t know why I get cast in so many nude roles. I think it’s because I’ve done a couple of gay genre films, and if you are the love interest in a gay genre film, there is a pretty good chance you will be required to show some skin.

Are you comfortable with nudity?  I don’t have any negative feelings about nudity if it serves the story. And I don’t mind playing the sexy guy role while I’m in that category. It’s fun!

Has showing skin hurt or helped your career?  I’m not sure. I’m an actor; I take the parts I’m given. But for the record, I’ve done a number of projects with all of my clothes on!

You actually don’t take off your clothes in Seek.  Well, I play an underwear model, so I do end up removing most of my clothes.

And you look good doing it! What is it about Jordan that so enraptures Evan?  Jordan is one of those people who sweeps in and out of your life and you are left wondering “what the hell happened?” I think for Evan, Jordan represents something he is missing or wants in life.

How did you get the role in Seek? Eric Henry saw me in a film I starred in, Going Down in La La Land. He offered me the part in Seek without even auditioning. I loved the script, so I was very flattered and excited to accept.

When you first read the script, did you think you were perfect for the role of Jordan?  I did. Not that Jordan and I are completely alike, but I knew that as an actor it would be fun to play this guy who was kind of a bad-ass. He does what he wants without regard to consequences or other people. I got to be the cocky guy, which was fun because that’s not usually me in real life. Also, from my modeling days, I know what it’s like to be the sex symbol other people fantasize over without really knowing anything about you. That happens to Jordan, too.

The film is about the torment of lost love.  Have you ever been tormented by love?  Oh, yes. I’m a sensitive guy, and my emotions are a bottomless swirling fire pit. I find at regular intervals in my life, I am deeply tormented by love.

Have you ever made the mistake of letting a dream love slip through your fingers?  Maybe. How can I know? I guess I’ll know at the end of my life, when I’m looking back.

When you see something you like, do you go for it or do you wait for love to come to you?  A little of both. I find I have more success when I make the first move and just go for it. But then, I’m not going to work too hard for someone who is not interested. I do like to get pursued a little.

Are you cool with guys coming up to you for your number?  If I like them.

Are you single right now?  I’m seeing someone.

What is it that you seek in life right now?  Peace, stability, happiness, friends, career. Basically, everything and at the same time.

Are you on your way to achieving your desires?  I have to at least think I am on my way to achieving it. It would be pretty horrible if I didn’t.

What are you working on next?  A new web series for Logo that takes place in Montreal. It’s called Poutine Out. It’s due out in the spring.

Will you be keeping your clothes on?  Nope.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 20, 2013.