It’s no secret Details is the magazine equivalent of the Bravo channel. For not being specifically gay, it is perhaps the gayest magazine out there. And we like that just fine.

In this month’s issue, they ask you to “Meet the Gay Douchebag,” or as they later refer to it, the douchefag. The tongue-in-cheek comparisons between the preferences gay and gay d-b are funny and yet eerily true to form. My personal favorite has to be —

To Bleach or Not To Bleach

Gay: Bleaches teeth Gay Douchebag: Bleaches anus.


It’s tedious to click on each category but it’s worth a glance to narrow down those friends of yours which may or may not be involved in some kind of d-baggery. And then call them on it. But don’t you just know any real d-b’s reading this won’t think it applies to them.юридические услуги реклама