I recently blew off a few rounds at the DFW Gun Range & Training Center, where last year, I interviewed Lt. Jim Dangle (Thomas Lennon, pictured) of “Reno 911.”

I also picked up a copy of the gun range newsletter and noticed that they had family memberships. Two weeks ago, I called to see if they recognized same-sex partners as family members. A friendly employee named Juan said that customers have asked about it and that manager Joe Elledge was going to address it at the next company meeting. Employee Juan also said that the Pink Pistol Club of Central Texas recently enjoyed the DFW Gun Range facilities, and that the family memberships ($215 regular, $385 premium) for gay couples looked promising — especially if they could prove that the partners lived at the same address. Without family memberships, gay partners would each have to pay $165 regular, $325 premium.

Anyway, today, I called back to hear the verdict.

Elledge confirmed that they met to discuss the definition of family memberships, and Elledge said they decided not to recognize same-sex partners as family members.

If y’all care, here’s the president’s e-mail address: president@dfwgun.com

And here is the number for DFW Gun Range and Training Center, 214-630-4866.подобрать ключевые слова онлайн