By David Webb Staff Writer

Moderate Republicans who received questionnaires failed to respond to non-partisan gay group

Pete Webb

The Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance’s political action committee has endorsed 16 candidates all Democrats in the Nov. 7 election.

Pete Webb, president of the group, said he was pleased by the candidates’ responses to the questionnaires that were sent out.

“We had a very good turnout,” Webb said. “I’m very happy with the endorsement selection.”

Webb said the group sent questionnaires to candidates in both parties. Endorsements went to candidates who returned the questionnaires and participated in interviews.

Some candidates failed to return the questionnaires, and some did not return messages about setting up interviews, Webb said.

Only one openly gay candidate Gary Fitzsimmons running for District Clerk received an endorsement from the group.

Webb said he is confident Fitzsimmons can win the election. “I think he is going to do very well in that position,” Webb said. “He has a lot of ideas about turning the department around and making it more efficient and user friendly.”

Webb said Jack Borden, who is running for State Representative District 108, failed to return the questionnaire.

Jim Foster, who is running for the job of County Judge, did not complete the process, he said.

Webb said if candidates failed to return the questionnaires or messages seeking interviews, the group took no other action.

“We don’t hound them,” Webb said. “We do not proceed if they do not complete the process.”

Webb said he was disappointed that none of the moderate Republican candidates, such as Margaret Keliher who is seeking re-election as County Judge and Lisa Fox who is running for re-election to County Criminal Court 10, returned questionnaires. Both are thought to be gay-friendly, he said.

“They unfortunately did not seek our endorsement in this go-round,” Webb said. “We are hopeful that in the future they will.”

Jeff Strater, co-chair of the political action committee, said he was also pleased by the responses from candidates this year.

“Our endorsement list is a little longer than usual,” Strater said.

Strater said he suspects some candidates could not complete the process because they were strapped for time. “It wasn’t anything against our community,” Strater said.

Webb said that after the election the group plans to hold an education symposium to acquaint local judges with transgender issues, particularly the need for changing gender status on legal identification records.

“We want to educate them about what they can do in their courts to support and encourage transgender individuals,” Webb said.

The endorsed candidates and the offices they are seeking are Eddie Bernice Johnson, U.S. House of Representatives District 30; Terri Hodge, State Representative District 100; Harriet Miller State Representative District 102; Rafael Anchia State Representative District 103; Roberto Alonzo, State Representative District 104; Katy Hubener, State Representative District 106; Allen Vaught, State Representative District 107; Carl Ginsberg, District Judge 193rd Civil District Court; Emily Tobolowsky, District Judge 298th Civil District Court; Carter Thompson, District Judge 45th Criminal District Court; Lynn Cherry, District Judge 301st Family District Court; Dennise Garcia, District Judge 303rd Family District Court; King Fifer, Judge County Court at Law 2; Sally Montgomery, Judge County Court at Law 3; Roberto Canas, Judge County Criminal Court 10 and Gary Fitzsimmons, District Clerk.

The political action committee will host an election watch party at JR’s on Nov. 7 at 7 p.m.


This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition, October 27, 2006. рекламмаподбор слов гугл