DGLA PACThis week, DGLA PAC endorsed its slate of candidates. For the first time in its 38-year history, candidates from every district sought the organization’s endorsement and DGLA PAC was able to make an endorsement in each district.
Here are some comments DGLA made about candidates in its endorsements and a list of who else sought and completed the endorsement process:

The DGLA-PAC enthusiastically endorses all six incumbents who sought our endorsement and are running unopposed for re-election.
District 1 — Scott Griggs
District 2 — Adam Medrano
District 11 — Lee M. Kleinman
District 12 — Sandy Greyson
District 13 — Jennifer Staubach Gates
District 14 — Philip T. Kingston

District 3 — Wini Cannon
District 3 is an open seat with five candidates vying for the position. Two of those candidates, Wini Cannon and Joe Tave, sought our endorsement. Both have expressed a willingness to work with the LGBT community. We endorse Wini Cannon in this race because of her responses to our interview questions, specifically her willingness to make transgender issues a priority, if elected.
Completed process: Joe Tave
Began but did not complete: Gerald Britt
Declined to Participate: B.D. Howard
No response: Casey Thomas II

District 4 — Carolyn King Arnold
District 4 is an open seat with eight candidates vying for the position. We endorse Carolyn King Arnold. Ms. Arnold, a veteran educator in D.I.S.D., has a more than two decade history of leadership in the community, including service on the Dallas Public Library Board and as president of the Glen Oaks Neighborhood association. She commits her solid support to equality for the LGBT community.
Candidate completed process: Sandra Crenshaw
NO RESPONSE: Stephen King, Linda M. Wilkerson-Wynn, Keyaira D. Saunders, James Ross, D. Marcus Ranger, Carl Hays

District 5 — Sherry Cordova
In District 5 incumbent Rick Callahan faces two challengers. We endorse challenger Sherry Cordova. A longtime resident of the district and a neighborhood activist, Ms. Cordova is also a solid proponent of LGBT equality. Although incumbent Rick Callahan has moved in our direction on some issues, his stated opposition to marriage equality and lukewarm support for other priorities of the LGBT community compel our endorsement of his viable challenger.
Candidate completed process: Rick Callahan

District 6 — Monica R. Alonzo
We endorse incumbent Monica Alonzo. Ms. Alonzo has been a solid, dependable vote for LGBT equality on the Council and will continue to be so. She has a long history of community involvement and political activism. Additionally, none of Ms. Alonzo’s opponents appear to be council material.
Candidate complete process: Lakolya London, Daniel “DC” Caldwell I
Declined to Participate: Ozumba Lnuk-X

District 7 — Tiffinni A. Young
District 7 is an open seat with eight candidates in the race. With five candidates enthusiastically seeking its endorsement, DGLA-PAC was spoiled for choice, but the endorsement goes to Tiffinni A. Young. Ms. Young’s vibrancy and energy, her commitment to diversity, and her knowledge of the LGBT community, evidence the promise that she will be a strong ally on the council. Of particular note was her expressed commitment to appoint LGBT people to boards and commissions to reflect the diversity of her district. While the PAC Board was impressed with all the candidates who interviewed for District 7, we especially want to note that Hasani Burton exhibits excellent promise as a future Dallas leader with a strong commitment to, and knowledge of, the LGBT community. We hope the next councilperson will find a prominent role for him on a city board or commission.
Completed process: Hasani Burton, Juanita Wallace, Kevin Felder, Randall Parker
NO RESPONSE: John Lawson, James “J.T.” Turknett, Baranda J. Fermin

District 8 — Gail Terrell
District 8 is an open seat with six candidates running. Three candidates actively sought our endorsement. Of those three, Gail Terrell stands out to us as the clear choice. As a former vice chair of the Dallas Park board, Ms. Terrell has an enviable record of service to her community. Ms. Terrell demonstrated a commitment to equality and a willingness to learn more about the issues that face our community. She also expressed a willingness to appoint LGBT individuals to boards and commissions.
Completed process — Eric Lemonte Williams, Erik Wilson
NO RESPONSE: Dianne Gibson, Clara McDade, Subrina Lynn Brenham

District 9 — Mark Clayton
District 9 is an open seat with five candidates in the race. Three of them sought our endorsement. We endorse Mark Clayton. We feel that Mark Clayton will be an outstanding councilmember. Mr. Clayton is a successful small-business owner with a strong record of community activism as member of the Casa Linda Neighborhood Association, as a volunteer with East Dallas Development Center, and as a member of both the East Dallas and LGBT Chambers of Commerce. Mr. Clayton has also demonstrated a clear willingness to be a strong advocate for the LGBT community. In addition, he has shown a depth of knowledge about city issues, a keen intelligence, and an ability to bring new ideas to the table; qualities that will be an asset for all the residents of his district. We appreciate that Darren Boruff and Christopher Jackson expressed their support for the LGBT community by seeking the endorsement of the Dallas Gay & Lesbian Alliance PAC.
Completed process: Darren Boruff, Christopher Jackson
Declined to Participate: Sam Merten, Will Logg

District 10 — Adam McGough
District 10 is an open seat with three candidates in the race. While all three candidates sought the DGLA-PAC’s endorsement and expressed strong support for LGBT equality, we endorse Adam McGough. As a former head of the Community Prosecutor Section of the Dallas City Attorney’s Office, Mr. McGough has a depth of knowledge of City Hall that will allow him to hit the ground running. Paul Reyes also impressed the PAC Board a strong and knowledgeable candidate with a bright future as a leader in his community, but in a close decision we give Mr. McGough the edge.
Completed process: Paul Reyes, James White

District 15 Mayor — Marcos Ronquillo
Both incumbent Mayor Mike Rawlings and challenger Marcos Ronquillo actively sought the DGLA-PAC’s endorsement. We endorse Marcos Ronquillo. Mr. Ronquillo’s longstanding commitment and track record to civil rights, and his willingness to advocate for the LGBT community make him a superior choice. Although we appreciate Mr. Rawlings’ evolution on some of our issues, we believe in the race between these two candidates Mr. Ronquillo is more supportive of LGBT concerns.
Completed process: Mayor Mike Rawlings