DGLA PACFor the first time its 38-year history, Dallas Gay and Lesbian Alliance PAC endorsed a candidate in every Dallas City Council district. Also for the first time, every incumbent running for re-election sought the DGLA PAC endorsement.

“I’m blown away by the quality and dedication of the DGLA-PAC committee members, and incredibly impressed by the eager participation of so many great candidates in seeking to earn the DGLA-PAC endorsement in this election,” said David Wilkins, DGLA PAC chair.

This is the first time multiple candidates from each of the southern sector seats have sought endorsement by the PAC. All seats in South Dallas and Oak Cliff, with the exception of district 1, have multiple candidates vying for the positions.

“As a community, we’ve gone from candidates sneaking in out of sight to meet with us to … [to] this enormously important milestone when every district in the city recognizes the importance of the LGBT community and our votes,” Wilkins said. “That is an extraordinary measure of progress for our community. It takes my breath away.”

In the early ’80s, Mayor Jack Evans famously came to speak to DGLA. But the next day when the Dallas Morning News got wind of the event, Evans said he had no idea who the group was. In 1995, after Mayor Ron Kirk was elected with lots of help from the LGBT community, he made addressing DGLA one of his first stops. Mocking Evans, he began his speech by thanking the members of the Dallas Gun Lovers Association for inviting him to speak.

These are the DGLA-PAC endorsements:

District 1 – Scott Griggs
District 2 – Adam Medrano
District 3 – Wini Cannon
District 4 – Carolyn King Arnold
District 5 – Sherry Cordova
District 6 – Monica R. Alonzo
District 7 – Tiffinni A. Young
District 8 – Gail Terrell
District 9 – Mark Clayton
District 10 – Adam McGough
District 11 – Lee M. Kleinman
District 12 – Sandy Greyson
District 13 – Jennifer Staubach Gates
District 14 – Philip T. Kingston
District 15 (Mayor) – Marcos Ronquillo