The following post comes from  HRC’s Field Assistant Jessica Jensen. Jessica is just one of 30 HRC staff that will be on the ground in 16 states by Election Day, working with HRC-endorsed candidates and engaging our membership about the upcoming elections:

Earlier this week, the HRC team up in Troy, New York held our first phonebank for the Joanne Yepsen campaign, and we have kept up the pace by having a series of nightly phonebanks that we are planning to run all the way through Election Day.  While we have all done our fair share of phonebanking in the past, this was the first phonebank any of us had ever run on our own, and although I was a bit nervous, we all knew the importance of reaching out to our membership to get them excited about this important election.

We had a small but terrific crew calling around to other HRC members in the area to encourage them to vote for and volunteer for Yepsen’s campaign for New York state Senate.  Some of our volunteers were old hands at phonebanking and some were getting involved in a campaign for the first time ever, but everyone had a great time and enjoyed meeting other HRC members in their area.  Things went off without a hitch, and we are excited about all the work we will be doing in Troy and Saratoga Springs! From knocking on doors to dialing up members, I am so proud of everything we are doing here and I look forward to keeping up the pace through Election Day.

If you live in the Capital District area of New York and are interested in volunteering for pro-equality candidates, please contact Field Assistant Jessica Jensen at 202-716-1658.

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