Adam Lambert’s dad says he didn’t like sports but preferred to play dress-up. You might not know that, though, if you were watching “American Idol” on your DVR instead of live TV. After 58 minutes, only seven of this week’s eight contestants had performed…  and by the time the 61 minutes alloted had expired, we were still not back from commercial. (If you recorded “Fringe” too, as I did, you got to see Adam perform a positively brilliant cover of “Mad World.”)

How could Fox be so cavalier about letting the judges prattle on about inferior singers like Scott while Adam was poised to revolutionize what this show can achieve artistically? I’m sure it was luck of the draw. But if he’s booted because too many people missed his performance from the network’s poor planning, there needs to be a revolt.newbrutпродвижение в соц сетях услуг