It sure looks like Fort Worth Mayor Mike Moncrief (shown above) was apologizing specifically for the Rainbow Lounge raid in this video, and an Associated Press story saying he did so has been picked up nationwide today. But now, Fort Worth city spokesman Bill Begley is backing away from the apology, according to The Star-Telegram’s PoliTex blog.

“The mayor and council are always sorry if anyone is hurt ever in our city,” Begley said Wednesday. “The mayor has asked for a thorough investigation of what happened in the Rainbow Lounge to the point that he’s asked for the U.S. attorney to get involved …They want to make sure that all voices are heard … but the apology is that anyone is ever hurt in any incident.”

Hat tip to Rafael McDonnell of Resource Center Dallas, who lives in Fort Worth and just posted the above links to his Facebook page. Said McDonnell of Begley’s statement: “As a communications professional, and a FW resident, who in the HELL is co-ordinating this messaging? What’s the thought process behind saying something like this? At best, it makes this city look disingenous. At worst, it throws gasoline on a fire. … Their window to effctively communicate with this community is rapidly closing, and they seem to want to slam their hands in the window in the process.”racer mobile gameкак создать контекстную рекламу