Last year, for the 20th anniversary of Dallas/DIFFA, organizers made a few changes, from moving the date from winter to late spring and bringing back Jan Strimple to walk the runway. I even wrote this story about how many veterans wondered how long the event could go on like it was before people began to grow weary of it.

The answer appears to be: About six months.

Major changes are afoot for the 21st year. First off, the event is moving back to the winter. Second, it’s not one event but two. And neither event is a dinner. And it’s not on a weekend.

Whaaa…? Yep. Lots of changes in store. LOTS.

I’m still trying to wrap my mind around some of these. There’s the first big event, the jacket and other auction demos to be held a Union Station on Wed., Feb. 3. Then the big hoity-toity dressy affair won’t be a seated ballroom feast with runway show, but a performance at the new Winspear Opera House on Wed. March 3 headlined by — wait for it — Queen Latifah.

OK, I’m listening now. And I hear there are more surprises to come. But these are a damned good way to start…dlya-vkontakte.ruкак правильно подобрать ключевые слова для сайта