Bleckley County, Georgia

Constance McMillan had the support of her family when her school refused to allow her to attend the school prom.

Derrick Martin of Cochran, Ga., has the support of his school to attend his prom with his boyfriend, but not the support of his parents.

His parents have thrown him out of the house and he is staying with a friend.

Bleckley County High School’s only rule is no dates over the age of 21.

According to the Macon Telegraph, one mother with a gay son sent the school flowers to thank them. Martin has had offers to buy the couple dinner, boutineers, a limo and tuxes.

He said he decided to go to the prom with his boyfriend after hearing about McMillan.

The superintendent said it was a first for their school district.продвижение страницы в инстаграмреклама в прессе