So, with Las Vegas already among the most popular destinations for GLBT travelers, how can you tell when it’s Pride Weekend on the Strip?

Good question.

Truth is, Vegas has been inching toward inclusiveness for years. Funny that, of all the Broadway-style musicals to open here in the last eight or nine years, one — the camp hit “Mamma Mia!” which plays at the luxurious Mandalay Bay — has been the only true hit.

One possible reason: Shirtless guys cavorting on a Greek isle. Yes, if Vegas is, once and forever, home to the sexy showgirl, it now also includes the hot showboy. Equal opportunity ogling — it’s the American way.

Credit the many Cirque du Soleil shows with some of that. At the long-running “O” at the Bellagio, which I saw last night, muscular men in Speedos and clingy wet costumes (which themselves are imprinted with designs to highlight their physiques) outstrip (so to speak) the women in a show that gives new meaning to the term “water ballet.”

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