DISD Board President Dan Micciche, center, is flanked by supporters at press conference Wednesday outside DISD headquarters. (David Taffet/Dallas Voice)

Dallas Independent School District board member Miguel Solis called a press conference today (Wednesday, July 12) outside of DISD headquarters to denounce the bathroom bills that have been filed for the special session of the Texas Legislature that begins on July 18.

Board President Dan Micciche also spoke, calling the bills a waste of time and taxpayer money. He said the proposals would be impossible to police unless the state would like to place a police officer in every bathroom in every school.

Solis said DISD supports good policy and opposes bad policy at the state house.

“Not one time has the issue of bathrooms come up,” Solis said of his seven years as a teacher and school board member. He pointed out that a bill proposed by Rep. Ron Simmons, R-Carrollton, would prevent DISD from protecting children from discrimination.

“… a political subdivision, including a public school district, may not adopt or enforce an order, ordinance, policy, or other measure to protect a class of persons from discrimination,” the first sentence of Simmons’ bill says.

“Pragmatism has gone out the door,” Solis said.

Other speakers included Resource Center CEO Cece Cox, Dallas Stonewall President Lee Daugherty and award-winning DISD teacher Johnny Boucher, who is transgender.

“Enough is enough,” Cox said. “There is no problem.”

She gave several statistics, including the fact that 85 percent of trans students report having been harassed, and called the bills an attempt to license discrimination.

Daugherty said the Texas GOP has been hijacked by extremists.

“If the GOP really cares about local control, why are they trying to strip away local ordinances?” he asked.

Boucher said he preferred to talk about school funding.

“Instead I have to talk about whether I can use a bathroom at work,” he said.

He ended the press conference by calling on the legislature to flush the gender discrimination bills down the toilet.