All those Olympic water sports got us excited about swimwear again

We freely admit it: Seeing all those finely tuned male specimens at the Olympics swimming and diving in their technologically perfected briefs got us so hot, we felt like jumping into the pool with them. And while summer is trailing off throughout much of the country — at least on the calendar — we know full well how, in Dallas, it’ll be around until October … and then it’s cruise season. So we started looking for what’s out there in sexy swimwear for the body-conscious Olympian … or just recent Olympic viewer jonesing for a fix. Hey, it’s Labor Day — you need something new to wear to the pool this weekend.

— Arnold Wayne Jones


A REASON 2XIST  |  With solid construction but breathing room and form-flattering sensibility, the swimwear collection from 2(x)ist leads any trip to the shore or that five-star hotel’s infinity pool — they will fit in anywhere. Owning to its variety of styles — from the show-offy bikini cut of the Rio line (above left), to the more modest but sexy boxer fit of Cabo square cut (bottom), to the shorty boxers of the Ibiza swim short (above center) and the comfortable but pliant Maui board shorts (above right) — which garnered me looks on my beach vacation earlier this summer — the selection of styles is only outmatched by the vivid colors and engaging patterns. The worst thing about these trunks? Having to decide which one to wear first.
> Available at Skivvies and online at

PACKIN’ HEAT  |  What do you get when you combine a shimering fabric with a revealing hip-hugger cut then top it off with eye-catching patterns? Pistol Pete’s dazzling metallic Liquid midcut (left), or the even racier Steel line featuring a full zipper down the side (not pictured). Prefer a more luxurious fabric? The nylon/Lycra blend of Sauvage’s retro classic lace-up front with racing-stripe piping (right) mimics terrycloth but dries fast. Best of all? It looks great on any body type — always a plus.
> Available at Skivvies, 4001 Cedar Springs Road Suite C, and online at


This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition August 31, 2012.