In response to comments on the post below about Mark Reed canceling Blake Wilkinson’s plane ticket, “Andrew” is proposing a summit of local LGBT activists — “a conversation for possibility” — to explore ideas for achieving full equality. In an e-mail sent to myself and Senior Editor Tammye Nash, Andrew argues that the LGBT communiity lacks any comprehensive, finite plan for achieving our ultimate goal. In the same comments thread, Queer LiberAction’s Rick Vanderslice previously proposed a rendezvous on Tuesday night at his pad, but Andrew has made a counterproposal: Thursday from 7-9 p.m. at La Madeleine on Lemmon Avenue, where he says he’s booked a private room. Alas, I’ll be on a flight to D.C. for the National Equality March at that time, so please fill me in on the game plan later. Personally, I think we should consider the wildcat formation. But seriously, you can read Andrew’s full e-mail after the jump.


I have enjoyed reading commenting on your site.  I believe it is both entertaining and helpful for the community.

I am writing this email because of some recent exchanges on the Mark Reed – Blake/QL Story.  The question was asked “does any LGBTQ Group have a ‘plan’ for our full Equality?  It seemed the consensus was a reluctant “no.”  This is a problem.

I understand that the gay community doesn’t really have a leader (sorry Cleve) and of the hundreds of different groups, none seems to be about our “full equality.”  Each group is working in a particular area, hoping to achieve something to add to the equation.  But, it’s all very incremental and doesn’t inspire many people in our community.  HRC just lobbies politicians and they have had minimal results (after 28 years).  Legal groups produce results that simply swing back and forth, win one, lose one.  GLAAD polices public comments.  Marches ….. well, I can’t think of anything.

Statewide efforts center on winning a particular battle.  Local efforts help with HIV and AIDS.  Brad Pitt utters something helpful every once in a while.  Larry Kramer wakes from a nap and scolds us again (perhaps right on target). Obama promises and Barney babbles.  It’s just a whole bunch of gay “noise” and no measurable results. Direct action, inaction and no traction.

What becomes very clear is that even after 40-50 years of being somewhat organized – we don’t have a “strategy” to win.  No plans.  In fact, none of the hired guns will even make a “projection” about when we might obtain our equality.  Because of this, we can never win.  We have no way of deciding where and when to even provide our resources and no exciting (feasible) strategy to inspire the community.  It’s so bad we actually herald Will & Grace as an accomplishment.

I would like to invite DFW area activists and advocates to a Meeting next Thursday from 7-9 pm at La Madeleine on Lemmon Avenue.  The purpose of the meeting is too explore ideas for full equality for the LGBT Community.  This will be a “conversation for possibility.”

I believe there are some very passionate, creative and crafty individuals within our Community that are willing to help create a solution.  Maybe they just need an invitation or challenge.  We need to come together and all work towards the same goal: full equality, nothing less.

Everyone is welcome to attend.

Looking forward,

Andrew комплексная поисковая оптимизация продвижение сайтов