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J. R. Brown takes his Trainer Daddy fitness to new realms with his cyber personal training service

J.R. Brown is big on his cyber training where he spends hours tending to clients from all over the world.

More than likely if someone named Trainer Daddy tells you what to do, you’re going to do it. But it still took J.R. Brown and his partner Tank Carson by surprise when people around the world were willing to do just that when their fitness company Trainer Daddy decided to go cyber.

Brown has been training in Dallas since 2000 and he and Carson aren’t unfamiliar faces in the local fitness scene. But their boutique gym has probably surprised them more than they imagined.

"With a name like Trainer Daddy, we thought our gay clientele would follow us. Instead, we’ve had more women sign up," Brown says. "And then, within a year, we’ve had 150 clients sign up for our online service from all over the world."

Online personal training isn’t a new concept, but Brown ups the ante with his commitment to personal service. He’s the kind of trainer who sees health and fitness as more a psychology or religion. He talks of affecting lives and turning people around wherever they are.

"It’s really nice to know that you’ve been able to help somebody. That’s my motivation. Response to the service has come from people in smaller towns or on a budget. And then from places like Spain and Mexico."

Trainer Daddy Online works easily enough. People sign up for the $39-a-month membership, punch in their goals and Brown assesses their info to get them started. But with his motivation, he admits to spending hours online checking workouts, monitoring progress and tailoring new programs for both the beginners and advanced. Better yet, even if you aren’t in a gym, you can still get it done.

"If you don’t have any equipment, the site will give you a workout using a broomstick and a gallon of milk."

Strength training and exercise aren’t all that are covered on the site. Nutrition programs are also available and tailored for caloric intake needs. Vegans, lactose-intolerants and the gluten-allergic can all partake as he and Carson even create meal plans for such focused diets.

TDO offers specific training, or as Brown puts it, "fitness on demand." Bodybuilders trying to cut and athletes preparing for a contest sign on for spot-on work with the site but it’s no surprise when he reveals the one client he gets most for that.

"I get a lot of brides. But these people need to get from point A to point B and we’re gonna help them with that. I just wish the brides would continue with their training to be healthy for their marriage," he says.

Yeah, this guy cares.

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