As the proud owner of a special needs Mexican hairless pooch — the one-eyed wonder called Popeye — I have a fondness for Chihuahua. I even recently rented “Beverly Hill Chihuahua.” So if I can make it, I plan to be at Fair Park on Sunday from noon to 3 for the casting call of a “bark-on” role in a Disney film.

The dog-ditions are timed for the releases of “BHC” and the animated film “Bolt,” and the first ones get a chance to parade on the catwalk (CATwalk?!) and even met Chloe, the star of “BHC.” Enter through Gate 5 and if you see a one-eyed Chihuahua being walked by a handsome owner, say hi to me!поддержка сайтов спбраскрутка сайтов гарантии