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U.S. AG Loretta Lynch

U.S. Attorney General Loretta Lynch announced this afternoon (Monday, May 9), that the U.S. Department of Justice is suing the state of North Carolina, asking that the courts declare the state’s controversial House Bill 2 to illegally discriminatory.

Lynch’s announcement came just hours after McCrory announced that he had filed suit against the DoJ, asking the courts to keep HB2 in place as they determine the legality of the legislation. DoJ officials had given McCrory and other state officials until close of business today to announce a process for repealing the law, saying that it violates the federal Civil Rights Act by discriminating against LGBT — especial transgender — people.

HB2 rescinded a Charlotte, N.C., city ordinance protecting LGBT people from discrimination, pre-empts any such other local non-discrimination ordinances and prohibits transgender people from using the appropriate multi-stall public bathrooms.

While McCrory talks about HB2 being necessary to protect women and children from predatory men dressing in women’s clothing to gain access to public restrooms and locker rooms, opponents say such occurrences are so rare as to be imaginary and that McCrory’ justifications are  just a bunch of bullshit used to try and disguise what is, in actuality, just plain old homophobia/transphobia.

The Department of Justice has threatened to pull billions of dollars in federal funds from North Carolina unless legislators there rescind or repeal HB2. If the state were to come out the winner in the dueling lawsuits face-off, they might get their federal dollars. But HB2 has already cost billions in lost revenue from events scheduled there being canceled and businesses choosing to move out of the state, canceling expansion plans or choosing not to move there in the first place.