When you work on the lifestyles side of the newspaper business, you deal a lot with publicists of all kinds. A good one can really make your job easier: Setting up interviews, providing quality photography in a timely way, getting you information quickly and correctly … the list goes on. I deal with dozens of publicists on a monthly, perhaps even weekly, basis, and the number who are really good at what they do is not a long list.

Eva Chien has been one of the best.

She’s my main contact with the Dallas Theater Center, and in the last two years she’s become not just a pleasant colleague, but an actual friend. So when I heard she was leaving the DTC to return to her prior job with Lincoln Center in New York City, I was sincerely saddened. 

Then she told me she could get me comps to Broadway shows and I could stay for free at her apartment in Manhattan whenever I wanted. “Are you still here?” I said impatiently. She is until Friday.

I’ll be saying goodbye to “Evita” tonight at a going away party her parents’ restaurant in Addison. Such the publicist: Even on the way out, she throws a party.

But she will HATE that I posted this — and kill me for running a picture of her.  vzlomshark.ruпродвижение сайтов украина