George Michael forgoes Two X Two

George Michael forgoes Two X Two

Chanteuse Taylor Dayne tapped as replacement at Dallas amfAR gig

Earlier this month, George Michael’s name was yanked as the featured performer at the TWO x TWO for AIDS and Art gala, which was held Saturday at the Rachofsky House.

According to U.K. newspapers, when police arrested Michael at a London park for possession of a controlled substance, the pop star was in tears because he was scheduled to perform at the multi-million AIDS fundraiser in October, and an arrest could prohibit him from entering the U.S.

While the Goss-Michael Foundation hosted Two X Two opening reception on Wednesday night, Kenny Goss told attendees that George wouldn’t be entertaining at the 10th annual gala. Chanteuse Taylor Dayne took up the slack.

Dr. Phil talks about tranny kids
On Wednesday’s program, North Texas-raised Dr. Phil McGraw got real about children who identify with the opposite sex. In a program called "Gender Confused Kids" (the word "confusion" sounds biased, but Phil’s talking about minors in gender crisis).

Dr. Phil had a heart-to-heart chat with an eight-year-old who declared himself a girl at age 3. He also featured a son who told Mom he felt like a girl at age 8 and was allowed to dress as one. But now as a teen, he feels more comfortable as a boy.

Discussion panelists included a UCLA psychiatrist and a researcher from Focus on the Family.

Dr. Phil has sparked some fireworks. His discussion boards are blowing up about gender, sin, homosexuality, girl toys vs. boy toys, being born gay, and so on.

Victoria Jackson outed as Right-wing Christian
Elections can reveal a lot about celebrities.

"Saturday Night Live" alum Victoria Jackson has been issuing "Obama’s a communist racist" tirades on her Web site. Who knew the annoying baby-voiced comic was such a Bible nut? In one of her posts, she thanks God because Dubya did a great job as president.

No, this isn’t satire.

And check this quote: "Why am I voting for the fantastic McCain/Palin ticket? Simply because my ‘world view’ is based on the belief that The Bible is the inerrant, holy, Word of God, and the Republican stance on abortion, marriage … lines up closest with the Bible’s message."

Oh, well. Maybe her "fame" won’t be too influential: Jackson’s most popular SNL sketch was "Toonces the Driving Cat."

Rosie O’Donnell pursues ‘America’
You may miss seeing Rosie O’Donnell taking Elisabeth Hasselbeck down a peg or two on "The View," but Rosie’s keeping herself very busy on the small screen.

Following her recent hilarious appearance on "Little Britain USA" and her upcoming gig hosting a new NBC variety special, Rosie will be starring in and executive-producing "America," a new movie for the Lifetime network.

Based on the book by E.R. Frank, "America" tells the story of a troubled 16-year-old and his struggles with the foster care system. The title role of the teenager hasn’t been cast, but O’Donnell will play his therapist, and Oscar nominee Ruby Dee has signed on as the boy’s caretaker. Yves Simoneau (HBO’s "Bury My Heart at Wounded Knee") will direct. See "America" first in February.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition October 31, 2008.

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