dot-marie-jonesGay Day at Walt Disney World in Florida takes place in June during Gay Pride Month, but at Disneyland in California, it’s a fall thing — in fact, it took place just this past weekend. And what better time for a gay wedding proposal.

Dot-Marie Jones, the Emmy-nominated actress who plays “The Beast,” Coach Shannon Beiste on Glee, proposed to her longtime girlfriend, Bridgett Casteen, at the amusement park this weekend. She called the day the “happiest of my life,” according to The Advocate.

It’s an eventful week for the Glee family. Cory Monteith, who played the popular Finn on the show and died this summer of a heroin-alcohol overdose, will receive his on-air farewell in an episode airing Thursday. (Check out a tear-inducing teaser for the ep after the jump.)