Because it’s Sunday, I’m having a hard time getting additional information about an apparent anti-gay hate crime that occurred late Friday or early Saturday near the Cedar Springs strip. See my previous post below.

Despite the fact that the suspects yelled anti-gay slurs as they beat the victims with baseball bats, Dallas police have not classified the incident as a hate crime, which is an outrage.

I asked Senior Cpl. Gerardo Monreal, the on-call spokesman for the Dallas Police Department, about this in an e-mail Sunday afternoon.

“Detectives are the only officers that can reclassify the offense,” Monreal said in his reply. “The motive was to take money.”

Monreal didn’t respond to a request for a telephone interview, which is strange given that he’s supposed to be the on-call spokesman for the department.

I’ve also been unable to get in touch with either of the two victims. One of the victims was 28-year-old Kyle Steven Wear, according to police reports. WFAA reported that the other victim goes by the name of Alex. Wear reportedly was knocked unconscious and suffered a broken jaw in the attack, which occurred at about midnight in the 2700 block of Throckmorton Street.

Based on Monreal’s statement to me, I’m guessing that officers who responded to the incident failed to classify it as an anti-gay hate crime, and it would be up to detectives to reclassify it. Under the federal Hate Crimes Statistics Act, local law enforcement is required to report to the FBI crimes that are motivated, “IN WHOLE OR IN PART,” by anti-gay bias. And one of the main criteria for determining bias is “oral comments” made by suspects during a crime. Read the FBI’s guidelines for hate crime data collection by going here.сайтконтакты раскрутка веб сайтов