“I’m the most hardcore fan of Harry Potter this side of the Maxon-Dixon Line.”

This is how I decided to make my first impression on the Dallas Morning News as one of their interns was sent to interview me about the effect Harry Potter has had on society.

Due to the last installment of the Harry Potter film franchise being premiered on Friday, July 15, The DMN ecided to run an online article (which is sadly subscriber only) interviewing various people in the Dallas community about how Harry Potter has personally affected them and how they think it’s affected the world. I was privileged enough to be one of these few individuals that got to be featured.

Within the article, I discuss not just how Harry Potter has influenced my life, but also my swag expenses, the Harry Potter club that I co-organize, and my Slytherin tattoo.

They sent a photographer to my house to shoot me from my best angle and get a video interview (below), wherein I nervously overuse the phrases “I mean” and “you know?” But you get to watch my spell-casting shenanigans at the beginning and giggle at me as I accidentally flip the hood of my cloak over my face.

Naturally I’ll be attending the premier of the movie at midnight, dressed in all that garb I ramble about in my interview. One commenter over at the DMN has the opinion that I have “mental issues.” Well, I suppose I do have mental issues — I did talk about having a Harry Potter addiction and that I probably need some HP therapy — but if this is a “mental issue,” then it’s one I never wanna lose.