By MARK STOKES | Illustrator

Cupid-like adrenaline junkie Paul Corona keeps romance in his heart

What I Like About You

Name and age: Paul Corona, 25

Occupation: Personal trainer, fitness model and nutritionist.

Man of many hats: You can also find this heavenly entrepreneur on the cover of Exercise For Men Only magazine and he’s currently working on his own calendar while running his company AxcelFitness.

The need for speed: Originally from Chihuahua, Mexico, Paul lived in El Paso before migrating to Dallas. This adrenaline-addicted heartthrob’s love of speed led him from competitive swimming for the Arlington Stingrays to trick motorcycling, and he wears his road scars proudly. A romantic Scorpio, he is adorned with two star tattoos, each representing two brothers in heaven.

All you need is love: This hot stud believes that success is measured in joy, freedom and friendship, but mostly love. Paul share his Oak Lawn home with Sugar, a retriever/lab mix, and his partner Joe, for whom he shares this Valentine’s Day wish: "Monkey, thank you for giving me hope for a brighter future, the courage to overcome my fears, the strength to maintain my morale and the perseverance to make it through anything. And for putting a smile in my heart."

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition February 5, 2010.контекстная реклама яндекс цена