By Mark Stokes Illustrator

Gay ‘toon master illustrates proud locals

Urban cowgirl

Who: Ashley Gulley, native Dallasite.

Age: 24

Occupations: Banking. And the proud single mother of a 9-year-old, Anastasia.

Fashionable flair: Likes to sew, and has a marketing degree in merchandise and design.

Enjoys dining: “I’ll eat anything as long as it’s not raw!”

Nice chaps

Who: Frank Weber, currently single.

From: Born and raised in Midland, Texas. Relocated to Dallas and works for an airline at D-FW.

Occupation: Fleet service clerk

Mile-high hobby: Collects airline memorabilia: has large and growing collection of airplane models and postcards.

Likes: Crossword puzzles, hi-def TV and sci-fi flicks.

Skin is in: “I wear leather because I like it. And I like guys who wear leather.”

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 7, 2007 сайткомпания гугл в москве