By Mark Stokes – Illustrator

Accounting for taste
Who: Jeremy Bartel, recently spotted at the Blockbuster Video on McKinney Avenue at Lemmon.

Age: 22

Occupations: Charter accountant and filmmaker:

Interests: Enjoys working non-stop with brief lapses into “The Sopranos.” Also has a passion for taming lions.

Why him? Check those threads. Bartel’s a snappy fashionista. Plus, he kinda emulates an updated character from one of those turn-of-the-century penny novels.

Taking a bite out of life

Who: Sarah Apple

Age: 18

Occupation: Oil wrestles for a club.

When she’s not rassling: Apple plays soccer. She’s a four-time all-district, all-city and all-state goalkeeper.

Relationship status: Currently single, ladies.

Start spreading the news: She’s out to everyone but her family. However, if the Apples start reading Dallas Voice, that could change.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition January 25, 2008 реклама на растяжкахпродвижение сайта и интернет реклама