By MARK STOKES  | Illustrator

Skaterboi Anthony Padilla is a dream within a dream

Jungle bookish

Name and age: Anthony Padilla, 23

Spotted at: Mockingbird Station

Occupation: Pool cleaner/student

Hey, good lookin’: This raven-tressed Leo could have been pulled right out of an Edgar Allen Poe tale, with his smoldering good looks and piercing eyes. A native Dallasite, Anthony is a team rider for Index Skateboard Shop at Mockingbird Station. Anthony is also a student at El Centro College, studying science with an eye for a career in physics. His interests are painting animals in acrylic, playing keyboard and guitar.

Call him Mowgli: A free-spirited loner, Anthony spends the majority of his time outside skateboarding (he’s known for his skill at doing a “backside nose blunt,” a particularly difficult board feat), climbing and motorcycling. Any spare time he has, you’ll find him restoring his 1975 Yamaha 250-RD. Friends affectionately call him Mowgli, from the Kipling stories (and Disney film) The Jungle Book.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition December 17, 2010.