By MARK STOKES | Illustrator

Four gay Dallas men — three from an impromptu family — show what Pride is all about

We Are Family

Names: Tommy Valencia (18), David Calzoncit (18) and Anthony Rurak (19)

Spotted: On a bench in Reverchon Park on a warm summer evening.

Brothers three: These three young men couldn’t be more different — or more inseparable! All three are members of Mya and Chris Edwards’ adopted family and support group. Prep Tommy ("Cindy Edwards") hopes to attend his high school prom with David, and enjoys writing music, drawing and sports. Punk David ("Britney Edwards") loves to dance and paint; and Thug Anthony ("Desiree Edwards") likes to DJ and make mixes. If you see one of them in the gayborhood, you’ll more than likely see the other two: They live and play together any chance they get.

Name: John Lukert

Spotted: Chihuahua walking at Lemmon and Travis

Where you’ll see him next: Walking in the Alan Ross Texas Freedom Parade on Sunday.

Why Pride means so much to him: This native Tulsan has overcome many obstacles on his way to sexual freedom and enlightenment. Since coming out several years ago, he has relished his new life as a gay man. For the last few years, John has marched in the Pride parade with the Cathedral of Hope, and is a fixture in the West Village along with his perky pooch, Mija. He worked his way through depression and addiction to attain his current state of serenity as a gay man. "I believe in Genesis, the beginning. God loves us for who he created us to be. He said: ‘This is good.’"

John is active in his church and F.M.O. "Being honest with oneself and other people is the most freeing thing that can happen to a person." As for his painful and difficult journey to where he is now, he says with a laugh: "I wouldn’t change one jot or tittle of it!"

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 18, 2009.seo продвижение это