sketchesWith Black Pride about to start, Jay Aalixander  has something to dance about

MARK STOKES  | Illustrator
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Name and age: Jay Aalixander, 22

Occupation: Dancer, model

Spotted at: Fitzhugh and 75

Born in Long Beach, Calif., this mixture of Trinidad, Dominican Republic and Native American ancestry spent seven years living in Allen before moving down to Dallas.

I got the music in me: Naturally gifted in music and dance, this charming Capricorn enjoys singing R&B, hip-hop, soul … and hard metal. He also writes and orchestrates his own music. Jay’s musical influences include Beyonce, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah and Marvin Gaye. His love of dance includes modern, contemporary and hip-hop. Jay began dancing at BJ’s NXS! on a whim, which has become a full-time job since February. Aside from his music and dancing, Jay is also a model with the Neil Hamil Modeling Agency.

Quotable line: “Life’s too short to be mean and upset or alone and lonely. I’m doing some great things nowadays. Pursuing my life’s dream and nothing else gets better than that.”

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 28, 2012.