Fashionista Marcus Evans takes to plunge to start a menswear line


MARK STOKES  | Illustrator

Name at age: Marcus Evans, 27

: Customer service rep/menswear designer

: Whole Foods in Highland Park

Marcus Evans is a perfect mix of exotic beauty and classic handsome features. Born in Albuquerque, Marcus is part African-American, part Native American, and, as he likes to say, maybe a “sprinkle” of Asian. Marcus moved to Dallas at age 7 with his parents and brother, a move that “changed my life.”

Fashionista from an early age: When Marcus was 9, his mother bought him his first copy of GQ … and the rest was history. “I remember flipping through the ads and thinking to myself how much I wanted to live the lives of these men.” That’s when his interest in men’s fashion began, and became his destiny.

Currently studying fashion marketing in Downtown Dallas, Marcus was in class with his favorite fashion teacher, Marilyn Sullivan, when she said, “Why not start your own brands or businesses?” The notion hit him like a ton of bricks: “I was like that’s it, that’s what I was meant to do.”

Marcus is starting his first menswear label, Shade, out in time for the holiday season. He says he’s always loved men’s outerwear and sport coats, and will start with blazers and sport coats and will grow into a separate label of edgy and innovative outerwear.

Out and about: Coming out for Marcus wasn’t too bad according to him. “All through my life, I always knew that people knew, but nobody ever asked me, maybe because I was a 6-foot-1 black guy!” He never hid it and always had friends so he feels “very grateful and lucky. I told my mother officially when we were driving on the freeway. She said I had never been with a woman, and I told her that was true but I wanted to date guys for now, and she said, ‘I guess.’ I was sooooo glad it was over.”

Marcus’ philosophies: “Create the life you want live” and “Don’t be afraid to fail.” His favorite phrase, which always stuck with him: “If you want to be somebody, and you want to go somewhere, you better wake up and pay attention.”

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition May 24, 2013.