Young soulmates Aubry Roach and Timothy Cargill found love early

Aubry_Roach_Timothy_Cargill-FNL_2MARK STOKES  | Illustrator
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Names and ages: Aubry Roach, 21, and Timothy Cargill, 19.

Occupation: Artists.

Spotted at: Munger Avenue and Tremont Street.

Refugees from oppression: Born and raised in small towns in East Texas, Aubry and Tim both grew up with a strong sense of wanderlust and creative rebellion. Geminis both, and realizing from a young age that they had larger goals and aspirations, their hearts were set on escaping.

Although they lived in the same tiny area, they did not meet until the summer of 2013.

Both in full belief that they had found their soulmate, they have been together every single day since meeting — inseparable and in love.

Earlier in life, Timothy struggled with family issues, as his family did not accept that he was gay and sent him to a “pray the gay away” camp. His artistic temperament could not tolerate such repression, and Timothy escaped, when he met Aubry. Both describe the other as a source of confidence.

Aubry and Tim describe themselves as brothers, best friends, husbands and “everything you could need tied in to one.” They sold everything and moved to Dallas, sharing a car and everything else in life.

A new life together:  Aubry had a small group of close friends from Dallas who became their de facto family, and now they all live together as one big unit, sharing quarters with their beautiful friends Jen and Tina (models with Kim Dawson Agency), the amazing comforter Jassamine (a graphic designer) and Darren, Jen’s son. The entire family helps “the boys” grow daily, which has changed many aspects of their life. Seeing the world through others’ eyes is the best way of understanding and practicing patience and friendship.

Now celebrating their first anniversary, Aubry and Tim plan to move to California later this year to push themselves — and their art — further.

To keep up with their journey, you can follow them on Instagram @aubryroachofficial and @timothymax.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition July 25, 2014.