Davyd_FNL_3Getting artsy with Dallasite  Shawn Davy

MARK STOKES  | Illustrator
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Name and age: Shawn Davyd, 27

Occupation: Hospitality industry

Spotted at: 3500 Maple Ave.

Born in Dallas, to an Italian father and an African-America mother, slim, 6-foot-tall Shawn has lived here his entire life. He is the elder of twins (his brother Legendd is four minutes younger). An admitted mama’s boy, Shawn’s bisexuality was no longer in question when he returned home with two hickeys, each signed by their makers, Michael and Amanda. His mother’s response: “Nope, this is not a phase.”
Shawn loves volleyball and is a big fan of his home teams (Mavs, Rangers, Stars). This competitive guy loves cards and board games, and has a regular game night with friends. He also loves Trivia Crack.

Artsy fartsy: He loves all things artsy and is musically inclined. He plays the saxophone and trombone. He and Legendd have started a magazine, Nude and Tattooed, which features nude men and women showing off their ink. Shawn has 11 tattoos, and has plans to get a half sleeve and a side piece.

A picky eater, he enjoys (surprise) Italian and soul food and he loves to bake cakes. He’s also a cat lover. When he was young he always brought home stray animals to take care of. He loves dolphins, and his home is filled with stuffed dolphins and dolphin pillows. A true extrovert who loves to be around people, he loves to get out to The Strip.

Shawn claims in his past he was a “pushover,” who has since learned to stand up for himself and feels he’s a better person for it. He lives his life free and to the fullest. His motto: “No shame in my game.”

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition November 27, 2015.