International traveler Alberto Garcia Olivares struggled with his sexuality, but now accepts his true self


MARK STOKES  | Illustrator

Name and age: Alberto Garcia Olivares, 26

Occupation: Freelance artist/server

Spotted at: Bowser and Reagan streets

This international bon vivant was born in Dallas to a Mexican/Spanish father and a Hungarian/Italian mother. His interest in arts, history and different cultures lead him to obtain a master’s degree in filmmaking in Paris, and inspired him to live in Mexico and Antwerp, Belgium. A world traveler, he says the only continent he hasn’t visited is Antarctica.

Out in Paris: Alberto struggled with his emotions and sexuality from an early age, and finally came out at 19 in the City of Lights (what better place is there?). It was there he began dating. His parents knew, but ignored it … so when he finally came out to his two sisters, it was “official.”

His hobbies include painting, writing, dancing and acting.

He has been on a journey to learn how to love himself, which he says connects him more with God. He came to the realization that he was unhealthy with himself, so a year and a half ago he returned to the U.S. from Antwerp to deal with it. Now that he says he has rediscovered his “true self,” his goofy, joyful, artistic nature has resurfaced. He says his journey has not been easy. Personal boundaries and life itself have been a challenge but now having a pillar of faith he can face the present for a better future.

Quote: “You have been blessed, so be a blessing.”

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition June 17, 2016.