By Mark Stokes – Illustrator

Gay ‘toon master captures a sapphic barista and an artsy blaspheme

Art Alchemist

Who: Kurtz (the artist formerly known as Andrew Miller).

Age: 27

Vocations: Artist and fire-eater. Maybe you’ve seen Kurtz’s work at JR.’s Bar & Grill.

His spiritual message: “Never let your god get in the way of knowledge or experience: Let your disbelief fuel the execution. With the work accomplished, throw him in a shallow grave and plant a seed in his heart. It shall soon bear fruit.”

For more Kurtz:

Funny Grrrrl

Who: Lousha Welch

Age: 21

Day gig: Mixes a mean Skinny Butch Latte at Buli Cafe.
Aspirations: Acting. Her dream is to do stand-up like her father, comedian, Kenneth Welch.

Chain reaction: Loves the “‘jingle jangle’ sound of her numerous chains. “I think that the size of a lesbian’s keychain is like a status symbol.”

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition September 14, 2007 статьи на заказ стоимостькак привлечь покупателей на сайт