By Mark Stokes Illustrator

Gay ‘toon master meets and illustrates eye-catching North Texans

Pedestrian punk

Who: Chris Wells

Age: 23

When: Spotted at 8 a.m. Unable to sleep the night before because of “relationship problems.” Decided to take a walk.

The look: Shirtless to flaunt the alabaster-pale skin and tattoos.

The hair: Those long, twisty tresses that adorn Chris’ face are called “pixies.”

Enjoys: Skateboarding, metalwork and woodwork.

Favorite band: Amebix the godfathers of crust-punk: Check the logo on Chris’ left arm.

Slam-dunk sista

Who: Kim Gatlin, Fort Worth resident.

Age: 21

Grew up: Beaumont, Texas. Too cool for school: All-star basketballer for Wesleyan University’s Lady Rams.

Studying: Computer science, junior year.

Interests: Sports, art, music, poetry and chillin’ with friends.

This article appeared in the Dallas Voice print edition November 23, 2007 реклама на транспорте москвапродвижение и реклама в интернете