By MARK STOKES | Illustrator

Rob Warman dons a dress for his first trip to Dallas

Name and age: Rob Warman, 36

Spotted: Cedar Springs Road and Turtle Creek Parkway at the Pride Parade

Out … of towner: Rob currently lives in Kentucky where he owns a small lawn service and also works at a local service station on the third shift.

… And proud: Rob came out at the age of 23 on the front page of his local small-town newspaper in an article titled "Warman Comes Out!" "It was my attempt of getting everyone I know to stop talking all at once and get over things as fast as people could," he says.

That same year, he attended his first Pride parade in NYC with a gay cousin, Dan. He has been involved in gay rights in his home state of Maine.

September marked his first trip to Dallas for Pride, and his first attempt to do drag in public. "Scared as I was, I put on the makeup, donned the eyelashes, and put on the head piece … hippity-hop as I made my way from the hotel room to the parade route, adorned with flowers and striped bell-bottom jumpsuit," he says. "People were so friendly and wanted so many pictures! I love Dallas!" •

For the love of dog!

When Los Angeles-based gay photographer Adam Bouska and his partner, Jeff Parshley, rode into Dallas last September with their NOH8 campaign in full swing, they mostly tapped adult human models to wear their tattoos and duct tape in protest of California’s Prop 8 amendment.

But Bouska and Parshley are also dog lovers, so they allowed at least one Dallasite — me – to pose with my pooches, pictured. So many people turned out for the first such photo session outside Cali there was a backlog of getting the pics uploaded, so this one just recently became available.

And now that Dallas Voice is running a competition for the best-looking (or cutest) canine for title of Top Dog, it makes me wish more people had thought to bring their dogs.

The rules are simple: You have until Dec. 4 to send in your pic of your pup (with or without human companion). The top entries will get a new photoshoot and compete in an online vote for the chance to be the spokesdog for the Readers Voice Awards next spring. C’mon, how cute is that!?

— Arnold Wayne Jones

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