OK, so it’s been a busy few weeks, with Pride and all, and now, the Friday after two weeks of non-stop work, I need a breather. And I like bourbon. Which is convenient, because September is Bourbon Month. And even though it’s almost over, it’s never too late to get drunk.

The bourbon drink I first acquired a taste for, back when I lived in Charleston, S.C., is an old-fashioned. I have had more than one person say it is old-fashioned of me to like it, but that’s kind of the point, isn’t it? Classic mixed drinks are classics for a reason; whiskey and amaretto sours are another fave because they are timeless. Cafe Toulouse, bless ’em, has lots of tried-and-true cocktails on the menu, for which I am grateful. But here’s one from the folks at Wild Turkey for an old-fashioned that seems a bit fussy to me (you can safely skip the saffron, I think, and I prefer an entire slice of orange) but after this week, it would really hit the spot post-Pride.

It’s Friday — get drinkin’.

Ingredients: 1.3 oz. bourbon; 0.5 oz. apple cider; 3 sage leaves; 1 pinch saffron; 1 tsp brown sugar; 2 orange twists; 1 tsp orange zest; 1 fresh cherry; 1 oz. amaretto.

Prep: Score cherry and soak in amaretto; meanwhile, muddle sage, saffron, rind, zest and sugar with cider; add bourbon and stir. Strain over ice and garnish with cherry.