In the categories of “it’s about time,” “better late than never” and even “we already knew most of that,” the Dallas Theater Center has finally — FINALLY — “officially” announced its company of nine actors.

It’s something of an anti-climax since the announcement in the spring of 2008 that a company would be formed of locally-based actors, guaranteed at least two shows a season. Soon after the initial announcement, Lee Trull was revealed as the first company member, but DTC tried to keep the remaining names under wraps. The problem was, actors talk with other actors, who talk with theater critics like moi; rehearsals for the first show featuring the actors, “In the Beginning,” have already started; and it was generally known who most of the members was, dating back to at least September.

See the complete list after the jump.

The company of actors includes:

Lee Trull (already announced)
Cedric Neal
Hassan El-Amin
Chamblee Ferguson
Matthew Gray
Sean Hennigan
Liz Mikel
Christina Vela
Sally Nystuen Vahle

Only Neal is openly gay among the company members, although many are good friends of the gay community.ok-neo.ruведение рекламы в москве