DV Elzabeth Trail'rs team organizer Chance Browning says "May the limpest wrist win!"

We’ve done the WaterPalooza thing before and sure, we had our asses handed to us by the softball team we played but we’re not deterred. Despite zero practice sessions or courses of attack, our LifeWalk team, the Dallas Voice Elizabeth Trail’rs is determined to advance in this Saturday’s event — even if it is at least one round. Team organizer Chance Browning, pictured, offers these fighting words to the other teams.

“The Elizabeth Trail’rs promise to make a moist impression!” he said.

Ummm, OK, so he needs to work on his competitive edge, but as a a veteran from our previous showing at WP, alongside myself, Browning offered the Trail’rs some coaching tips.

“Not unlike when you’re on a first date, you must be agile, spot your target, maintain eye contact and follow through,” he advised.

Oh man, we’re gonna win so hard.