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Beautiful Padera Lake saved by a dyke in Midlothian, Texas, home to the North Texas cement industry

Officials in the Ellis County city of Midlothian worried earlier this morning (May 27) that a dam might break, pouring water into an area with 25 homes located in Grand Prairie.

The levee was holding back water in Padera Lake along Highway 287, just north of Midlothian. Recent rain caused a hole in the dam and water had begun pouring over the top of the embankment.

(OK, so if this lake is in Midlothian and Midlothian is the center of the cement production industry for all of North Texas, why is their dam made of mud?)

Later this morning, Ellis County’s engineer and the dam’s builder assessed the situation and said the earthen berm would hold.

In Holland, when a dyke springs a leak, someone sticks a finger in it. Glad this dyke proved to be strong enough to hold back all that water without sticking any fingers anywhere.