‘Hetero life partners’ David Raposa & Sam McDonald prove how even straight guys can bond at the gym


BROMANCE | One night of beer pong led to years of hetero man-love for Raposa and McDonald. (Arnold Wayne Jones/Dallas Voice)

For a year now, Dallas Voice has highlighted many same-sex couples who make living a healthier lifestyle an active part of their relationship. In honor of Pride, we decided to shift focus to a love that dare not speak its name: The bromance.

For our first-ever “hetero life partners’ edition” of Dynamic Duo, we tracked down a pair who make  J.D. and “Chocolate Bear” from TV’s Scrubs look like Chuck Norris and Ann Coulter on a seal hunt. While they may have an interest in the ladies, David Raposa and Sam McDonald’s workout routine and budding friendship bares a striking resemblance to true coupledom (and a charming banter that may make them Dallas’ favorite fag stags).

— Jef Tingley

Names and ages: David Raposa, 26; Sam McDonald, 24

Occupations: Raposa: Trainer at ClaireVista Vitality Club; McDonald: Claims adjuster

Years “hetero life partnership:” 5

Years working out together: 3

Sports & activities: Soccer, running, triathlons, disc golf and surfing

First memory of meeting the other one: “How did you know your bromance was in the stars?” Raposa: At a party while at SMU, we were drawn together by the allure of an open beer pong table, and happened to dominate any duo mercilessly placed across from us. Fate.

McDonald: Little did I know that in that game I was getting a partner, motivator, coach, cheerleader and noisemaker. I had never met a guy quite like David. At one point, he asked for the attention of all the women in the room to watch him take a shot, he then asked me to cover his eyes. I looked at him in confusion and asked what he wanted, thinking to myself “surely I didn’t hear him right.” But no, Dave once again demanded that I cover his eyes while he took the final shot. I complied and in true Dave fashion he made it. He asked me quietly, “Did I make it?” I replied, “Yeah, you made it.” And he erupted.

What are your inside jokes or nicknames for each other?  Raposa: He says my No. 1 strength is “loud.” I’m not sure I appreciate that — I call it “enthusiasm.” He doesn’t understand sometimes his words hurt. I just call him “SamMac.”
McDonald: We reference David’s tattoo a lot. He has a clock on his back, which symbolizes time always looking over his shoulder. When either of us is lacking for motivation we like to say, “I don’t know if you know this but I have a tattoo of a clock on my back. Let’s go!” I think my favorite Dave “mind vitamin” was during one workout when he told me, “Everyone else is at home right now trying to keep up with the Kardashians! They’re not out here trying to keep up with Big Sam!” I had to stop because I was laughing too hard.

How do you introduce one another to friends and family?  Raposa: “Y’all know my hetero life partner SamMac.”
McDonald: Dave hasn’t met my parents yet, but for friends it’s a pretty normal introduction.


GIMME 5 | McDonald and Raposa demonstrate that straightest of straight-guy moves: The flying high five. (Arnold Wayne Jones/Dallas Voice)

Do you ever get mistaken for a gay couple?  Raposa: I’m sure it’s happened, but hey, when it comes to a fake boyfriend, you could do much worse than Sam. I mean c’mon — look at this guy, he’s so adorable. He’s like Minka Kelly with a beard.
McDonald: We’ve played the Chuck and Larry roles before, but that was on one of the more wild nights when some friends took us to the gayborhood.

What sporting events have you participated in together?  Raposa: We’ve done some road races and a triathlon together; we did surfing in Laguna this summer — that was humbling. But he’s been a little preoccupied planning a wedding, so working out has truly become our main avenue to keep the bromance burning.
McDonald: We also snuck into one of the buildings downtown and ran the stairs to the top floor. I think we ended up running something like 50 flights that day.
Exercise regimen? Raposa: Generally we go with full body workouts with weights. Split routines are kind of boring and we get restless just doing a couple muscle groups. So with that, maybe three days of lifting and mix in running a lot of sprints the other days.

Favorite spot in North Texas to exercise outdoors?  McDonald: Anywhere that has enough room. One thing I’ve learned from Dave is that any place can be your gym. We’ve done workouts in garages, parks, fields and parking lots.
Raposa: ClaireVista Vitality Club backyard — where I work.

Favorite spot in North Texas to exercise indoors?  Raposa: Dance floor of Knox Street Pub.
McDonald: I’d have to say the stairs at Cityplace. The first time we went, I couldn’t even make it up halfway. I went back over the next few weeks and kept working to make it all the way to the top. One of Dave’s best/worst ideas was to run up the escalator over there. Hardest thing I have ever done!

Favorite healthy/low-cal snack or meal?  Raposa: A good Bison Burger, with gluten-free bread, lettuce,
chopped onions and pickles, and lots of organic ketchup using Agave Nectar. (This answer brought to you by Whole Foods.)

Words of advice for people trying to work fitness into their life?  McDonald: My parents always told me everyone has the same 24 hours in the day, what you do with them is up to you.
Raposa: Get a dog or trainer; whichever you could see yourself being more committed to. Either way, find one who can get you to exercise outdoors — it’s far more enjoyable.

How do you reward yourself for a great workout?  McDonald: I am addicted to fro-yo from Yumlicious! It’s also one of our favorite man-date spots.

Favorite song or playlist to work out to?  Raposa: I love all music, but if I’m weightlifting, something like Rage Against The Machine’s “Bulls On Parade”; if I’m running, some mashup, like “Girl Talk.”

Which celebrity or athlete’s physique would you like to have and why? McDonald: Gerard Bulter from 300. He was the definition of badass.
Raposa: Easy. Dallas’ gay icon Sam McDonald. Kid fills out a V-neck pretty good.