Angela Buchanan

An East Texas woman made national headlines this week in the wake of her arrest last Monday for online impersonation after she pretended to be her doctor and advised her friend to have sex with her.

The story originally reported by The Lufkin News is convoluted and confusing, and contains an editor’s note that it “contains language that could offend some readers.”

Here’s the gist: Angela Buchanan, 30, is believed to have posed as a gynecologist and messaged her 51-year-old friend online under the name “Doc.” Under the online persona, Buchanan advised the friend that she had a pre-cancerous mass that could be delayed or cured by hormone production from sexual activity.

The women had been friends for seven years, and the friend told police she had been lesbian since she was 13 but “no longer identified with the lesbian community because she now feels it is morally wrong.”

Buchanan, who had asked out the friend on several occasions, told her she survived breast cancer in 2008 and was afraid it would return.

So, the two became sexually involved, with continued advice from online “Doc” on “the frequency, nature and duration of the sex.” What a friendship!

The woman became suspicious after Buchanan had breast surgery and a doctor later mentioned there was never any cancer. Buchanan told the friend the surgery was done on the sly and the doctor lied to cover it up.

Only after the two traveled to Massachusetts for civil union bliss to help Buchanan have a better standing in a custody battle over her two children with her former partner did the woman become aware of the fact she was being duped.

One of Buchanan’s kids mentioned she thought Doc and her mother were the same person, leading the woman to contact the former partner and the discovery that there was never any breast cancer in 2008 or a custody battle.

Only after all of that did she finally contact police. Buchanan now faces up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine for the Class-A misdemeanor.

First of all, way to go to Buchanan, who finally seduced the woman she had been pursuing for several years, because her efforts deserve some credit at least. But how dumb are people becoming when they think sexual activity will prevent or stop cancer, especially when the “advice” comes from an online conversation with a doctor, who shouldn’t discuss a patient’s condition to begin with? I’d like to know what’s in the water in East Texas these people are drinking.

And just because the woman is now an ex-gay, doesn’t mean she wasn’t a willing participant. Hey, most of us have used the “morally wrong” excuse before, but we grew up, realized God still loved us and lived a happy life.

Buchanan is certainly at fault for lying, but the other woman is equally at fault for her stupidity.