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You may have noticed events at Eden Lounge missing from this week’s Scene in Dallas Voice.

That’s because the Deep Ellum lesbian bar has closed, according to its website earlier this week.

Lauren Nguyen, who opened the bar last year with her partner, confirmed that the bar is closed and details will be available next week.

Nguyen said she decided to get out of the bar business after the gay community didn’t frequent the bar as much as it did when it first opened. It became more of a mixed bar, and she said women then complained that there weren’t enough lesbians.

“I wanted to get into the business for the gay community, but I didn’t get support from the gay community,” she said.  “They came and they stopped coming.”

Dallas Voice featured the couple’s new venture last year after its grand open in January. It was the only the second lesbian bar in Big D along with Sue Ellen’s and only the second documented lesbian-owned bar.

Tiff Khris Cochran hadn’t heard about the bar being closed yet. Cochran is the founder of the lesbian and women-focused social group The SOLID Network and often planned events at Eden.

“Kristi and Lauren are amazing, and I’m very grateful that they took the chance to open a bar for the LGBT community in Dallas,” she said, adding that she wishes them well in the future. “It saddens me that it didn’t last longer.”

While Cochran said Eden was lesbian-owned and had a large women following, she said the venture offered things for everyone and every audience.