Last week we told you how voters in El Paso had approved the only known anti-gay ballot initiative in the country this year, a measure rescinding domestic partner benefits for city employees. Unfortunately for the right-wingers who were behind the ballot initiative, the City Council says it can preserve the benefits despite the measure’s passage. The El Paso Times reported earlier today:

Council members told the city attorney to place two items on next week’s agenda.

One measure would reverse the referendum that voters approved to kill the benefits. City Attorney Charlie McNabb said the council has the power to overturn the public vote.

As for the second measure, it would place a non-discrimination amendment to the city charter on the ballot for the May election.

The story goes on to say that only 19 gay and unmarried heterosexual couples have signed up for the DP benefits since they were approved by the council last year. However, because of how the initiative was drafted, it could threaten benefits for a total of 200 people, including retirees’ spouses.

We’d like to believe that the City Council would have defended the DP benefits even if the initiative had been drafted properly. However, we also find it amusing that the bigots’ own stupidity may ultimately render their hatred impotent.